Between the Mountain and the Moon



Between the Mountain and the Moon


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01. Monsoon
02. Here And Now
03. Perfect Groove
04. Love Is A Place I Dream Of
05. Gabriel
06. Soshin
07. Moonslide
08. As I Waved Goodbye
09. I’m A Bogman
10. Rainbow Day
11. Hands Of A Farmer

I began recording some songs in September 1999, did a week or so in Windmill Lane, maybe 9 songs. No plan, no rush….. Every now and then I’d quietly slip into the studio, and do a day or 2 with some of these songs. Little by little the songs took shape; different musicians coming in to play; all very relaxed, no pressure. Right up to the end I kept my mind open for new songs, and for new ideas…… This is the first time I felt confident in a studio; finally I have found a relationship with a studio and an engineer, where I feel capable of expressing myself, without (too much) fear.

Between The Mountain And The Moon is a credit to Windmill Lane, and to Brian Masterson, who co- produced and engineered it. The songs took 2 years to write, and the cd took 2 years to make. It feels complete.


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* * * * * Between the Mountain and the Moon Luka Bloom (Shock) Luka Bloom signalled a change of mood last year on the superb covers album, "Keeper Of The Flame". Now his latest finds the Irish troubadour at his absolute peak. Here's a man who, if he hasn't found love, gives a remarkable impression of it here. "Between The Mountain And The Moon" is a majestically romantic collection of ballads, that, from the opening paean to love, "Monsoon", just sweeps you along on its powerful, poetic current. Bloom is joined by Sinead O'Connor's vocals on several tracks, including the seductive "Come in Love" and gorgeous "Love Is A Place I Dream Of", written for Christina Noble, the Dublin-born Australian who has devoted her life to orphans in Vietnam (a version featured on the documentary about her, Mama Tina). Among other outstanding ballads are the swooning "Here and Now", while "As I Waved Goodbye" celebrates the Tibetan ideal. Bloom turns to a jaunty, Indo-Celt beat on "Perfect Groove", and "I'm A Bogman" revels in sheer Irishness. Due back here next March, Luka Bloom on this form is not be missed. Mike Daly The Green Guide Sydney Morning Herald – 20 October 2001 Blooming beautiful LUKA BLOOM – Between the Mountain and the Moon A premier singer/songwriter returns to form. …The result is an album of glorious songs lovingly smudged with one of the greatest folk music traditions on the planet….. There is a certain mellowness about this beautiful album… Here he has refuelled his creative "acoustic motorbike" with an album full of freshness and melodic surprises. This is arguably the best and most coherent album Bloom has ever produced. Bruce Elder


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