This is Jon O’Connell and a Bogman.

Jon and I have been working away since early December, quietly recording my first instrumental album. The recording is finished.
The music has been sent to Brian Masterson in Dublin.  Brian will do what Brian always does. He will mix and master the pieces and bring it all together into this glorious thing we love to call a RECORD.   I still believe in the RECORD. Thank God Brian and Jon believe in this record.   My last record, Bittersweet Crimson was released in mid-July.  It is beyond my wildest dreams that in February 2021 I will release a new record. Can’t believe it.  It just crept up on me.

This guitar that George Lowden made for me, inspired me. Steve Cooney, Peadar O’Riada, Martin Hayes, Denis Cahill, Cathal Hayden inspired me and I began to write some pieces of my own music, just to help me get through the long, sometimes tough days.

I thought of all the people missing the ones they cannot travel to. I lost two friends whose funerals I could not attend.  There are too many people I cannot see.  Playing these old tunes, writing some pieces every single day, it brought me peace. It also reminded me of the youthful time, when I played for hours alone at home, with nobody listening.  Just happy to play my guitar. Every note, every chord had an urgency and something to say.
As 2020 went on, so did the playing. I sat in this spot in the photo every day for about 90 minutes, just playing the guitar.  I decided to record the album in this exact spot where the tunes were either learned or written.

Soon I will be leaving this house.
What a sweet farewell this will be, having these tunes to bring with me.
The wonderful Myriam Riand will create a design for this record.
I am hopeful it will be ready to ship from www.lukabloom.com by mid-February. As soon as the release date is confirmed, we will announce a pre-order for anyone interested.

The inspiration for this recording came from out of the blue.
This new record will be called Out of the Blue.
There is some great playing from Jon, Adam Shapiro and Susan O’Neill.
I don’t utter one word, or sing one note.
The guitar is doing all the singing.
Because there are no words for 2020. Except maybe this – Life is good.
Please, be safe and be well.
Thank you.