02. A Seed Was Sown


02. A Seed Was Sown



May 2011, for the first time in 100 years, a British
monarch visited Irish soil. Queen Elizabeth stood in
the Garden of Remembrance in Dublin at the side
of President Mary McAleese, and bowed before a
monument remembering fallen Irish heroes.
A seed was sown
With a simple bow
Where we remembered our heroes
She said the time has come now
She laid her wreath
With dignity and grace
An eloquent silence
And softness in her face
She lowered her head down
And held the pose
My tears flowed freely
God only knows
She remembered our losses
She remembered her own
And in that moment
A seed was sown…
I’ve been holding on
To hurts from long ago
I’ve been holding on
Like it’s all I really know
Elizabeth and Mary
Standing there side by side
Reflecting in silence
On the people who have died
Let’s create a new story
A friendship to last
May all the old wounds
Become the tales of our past
No petrol or diesel
You’ll never get obese
A cadenza
In a musical piece
There is peace
Peace of mind
When you ride the frontier
Between nature and mankind
Think I’ll go for a ride…

Luka Bloom, guitar, vocal
Steve Cooney, guitar
Robbie Harris, cajon
Donal Lunny, bodhrán, bouzouki
Máirtín O’Connor, accordion
Dirk Powell, banjo, mandolin
Frankie Lane, dobro


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