07. Riverdays



The Aare is a river that flows through Bern,
Switzerland. It is divine to swim in.
Down below his city life
Down below the flower beds
He takes his suit off and surrenders
And busyness is shed
Wassertage, Riverdays
The summer’s nearly gone
Let’s go in there one last time
Before the snowflakes come
The Aare is strong and free
I am naked and pure
The river cleanses all in me
We are equal, rich and poor
Silver heads above the water
Golden leaves upon the ground
Here we play with one another
Voices echo river sounds
Wassertage, Riverdays…
Happiness is the Aare
Flowing to the sea
Bearing golden leaves
Bearing you and me

Luka Bloom, guitar, vocal
Steve Cooney, guitar
Máirtín O’Connor, accordion
Dirk Powell, banjo, mandolin


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