09. Gaman


09. Gaman



Gaman is a Japanese word, meaning ‘endure the
unendurable’. I found the word while watching with
amazement, the grace of the Japanese people struggling
with the trauma of the earthquake and tsunami
in March 2011.
Sifting through debris
Of broken lives
Around Fukushima
People somehow survive
In the worst of moments
Holding hands
Walk through devastation
In the spirit of Gaman
Around Tohoku
Many people stayed
Growing food and flowers
Make the most of every day
Life isn’t easy
So much to face
I hope I meet adversity
With just a little grace
The radiation
And the wave that came
Revealed a beauty
With a simple name
Below the sky
Of Northern Japan
Rubble turns to houses
People rebuild
In the spirit of Gaman…
After Fukushima, Gaman
In the eye of every storm, Gaman
Within the Japanese, Gaman
Something everybody needs

Luka Bloom, guitar, vocal
Donal Lunny, vocal, bodhrán
Steve Cooney, guitar, vocal
Iarla Ó Lionáird, vocal
Eimear Quinn, vocal
Conor Byrne, flute
Dirk Powell, Banjo , mandolin
Robbie Harris, bells


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