Before Sleep Comes has been out of print for a while. Not anymore. We just received a delivery and are thrilled to return it to the shop. A timeless gem of an album of sweet lullabies that sounds so fresh and beautiful thirteen years later.

28th April 2017
Just came across this review of Before Sleep Comes when it was first released in 2004.
Anne – LukaTeam

Luka Bloom
Before Sleep Comes
2004 – Bar-None – CD

Luka Bloom, a successful Irish singer-songwriter who has toured with the likes of the Cowboy Junkies, the Violent Femmes, the Hothouse Flowers, and the Pogues, suffers from tendonitis. Last year the condition became so painful, he couldn’t do much more than light picking on a Spanish guitar. During his physical therapy, he refused to tear himself away from his instrument, and he continued to play. And as a glowing example of how to take a horrible situation and turn it into something beautiful, Bloom created Before Sleep Comes.

The record intends to bring listeners “closer to sleep, our sometimes elusive night-friend”, as Bloom writes in the spares liner notes. Turned down low and accompanied by a dark room, warm blankets, and a comfy bed, this record can do just that. Bloom gathered nine songs, all of which come in under four and a half minutes, and he created a record with an entirely relaxing mood without the new-age cheesiness of the Pure Moods records advertised on late-night television.

Bloom incorporates self-penned ballads like ‘Before Sleep Comes’ and ‘Camomile’ with traditional Celtic songs ‘My Singing Bird’ and ‘The Water Is Wide’. The songs are quiet, soothing, endearing and many are about sleep. Others are about love. Bloom’s voice floats over a billowy acoustic guitar and sounds more like a whisper than someone singing.

The songwriter cleverly recorded the tracks late at night when he felt sleep tugging at his own eyelids in order to infuse that energy (or lack thereof – Ed.) into the record. The result is so effective I’m having trouble finishing this review. All this talk of sleep and Bloom’s soft and sweet voice are making it seem much better to curl up in bed than continue pushing my pen across the page. Maybe I’ll just pull up the blankets and catch a quick nap…

Katrina Martin Davenport
Rating: 4,5 / 5


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