Between the Mountain and the Moon (CD)

14.00 12.99


Between the Mountain and the Moon (CD)

14.00 12.99


01. Monsoon
02. Here And Now
03. Perfect Groove
04. Love Is A Place I Dream Of
05. Gabriel
06. Soshin
07. Moonslide
08. As I Waved Goodbye
09. I’m A Bogman
10. Rainbow Day
11. Hands Of A Farmer

I began recording some songs in September 1999, did a week or so in Windmill Lane, maybe 9 songs. No plan, no rush….. Every now and then I’d quietly slip into the studio, and do a day or 2 with some of these songs. Little by little the songs took shape; different musicians coming in to play; all very relaxed, no pressure. Right up to the end I kept my mind open for new songs, and for new ideas…… This is the first time I felt confident in a studio; finally I have found a relationship with a studio and an engineer, where I feel capable of expressing myself, without (too much) fear.

Between The Mountain And The Moon is a credit to Windmill Lane, and to Brian Masterson, who co- produced and engineered it. The songs took 2 years to write, and the cd took 2 years to make. It feels complete.



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