This New Morning

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A very big thank you to Brian and all the musicians and singers for all you brought to these songs, to Sylvia, Faye and especially Poppy for the hospitality and food in Sandycove, to Turlough, Usna and Anne for all the help with website and design, to my family, Noel Heavey, Red Events, for all your support, to Glen Hansard for the incredible guitar.

These songs mainly come from other peoples’ lives and experiences, I am so grateful for the inspiration you gave me, especially Gitti Maas.

And thank you Tommie Gorman for motivating me to write ‘A Seed Was Sown’. Many thanks to the organisation ‘Dalai Lama in Australia’ for an unforgettable experience in 2011. It’s a new morning in the world, and I’m off to sing some songs.

Thanks in advance, to Paul Scully, who mixes my live sound around the world, and keeps me sane(ish). To all the people who help with the gigs, to all the people who help sell the records, thank you.

If you are reading this, you have probably bought the record. Thank you for doing so, and I hope you enjoy it.

All songs written and composed by Luka Bloom

Produced by Luka Bloom and Brian Masterson.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Brian
Masterson at Soundscape, Sandycove, Dublin.

Arrangements and double bass, Joe Csibi.
Leader, Lynda O’Connor

Violin 1:
Larrisa O’Grady
Nicola Cleary
Aoife Dowdall
Feilimidh Nunan

Violin 2:
Sylvia Roberts
Rachel Du
Catherine Humphries
Siofra Grant

Iarla Ó Lionáird appears courtesy of Realworld

Artwork by Turlough Rynne at Point Blank

PR photos and good vibes, Claire Burge
Luka Bloom uses AER amplifiers
Luka Bloom rides MTB bikes from City Cycles,
Bern, Switzerland

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    The day it became available I ordered Luka’s new CD “This New Morning”. I waited a few weeks but no CD had arrived. It was on iTunes and I couldn’t wait any longer because I had a long road trip the next day so I downloaded it. The drive was from my home in Chelmsford, MA to Albany, NY and on to Cooperstown, NY, about a 11 hour roundtrip. “This New Morning” was playing and being sung to the entire roundtrip.

    The songs are all beautiful and the more I listened the better they got.

    Being a Yank, I did not instantly understand the story behind “A Seed Was Sown” even before I figured it out, I was touched with strong emotions with the line; “She remembered our loses, she remembered her own.”

    When I finally put two and two together; Elizabeth and Mary, it became and even more significant. The CD was set to repeat and the next time, Luka sang “His tears flowed freely,” mine did too. “I’ve been holding on” was sung at the top of my inadequate singing voice for many miles. This may be one of the best songs I have had the pleasure of hearing. A song has never brought out that strong emotion from me before, this is certainly a special one!

    Having such a strong song on a CD sometimes causes the other songs seem like lesser works, but not on , “This New Morning.” “Heart Man” kicks it up a notch and puts a smile on your face. “A wise man once told me Give a little thanks to your enemies. They teach me How to let go How to be free How to find The better side of me” I found myself signing along to that line which had a some significance in my left at the time.

    The Race Runs Me is an instant addition to a runners or cyclist playlist. “Breathing, Running and Breathing,” will be sung by many as they play this on iPhones, iPads, and what ever iThing comes out next.

    “You Survive” is a song that should give hope to anyone with sorrow and despair in their lives. It seems to be a about someone who did not commit suicide that was going to attempt it. “The struggling was over, past the point of fear.” Then something changed their mind; “Did somebody’s prayer get to the will to live in you? I was again in tears singing along at the end of the song, “You Survived, You’re Hear Another Day, You Survived.”

    A positive, non-rebellion, Irish political song is impossible, right? But once again Luka surprises me with “Dignity and Backbone”. While I kept trying to think of a better word then Backbone, I couldn’t. Luka makes it work and say what he truly means; “Being a sovereign people Is not determined by finance But how we are with each other, How we work and we play, How we sing and we dance…
    With dignity and backbone.” It is a very positive statement that finance does not make us proud Irish people, but being proud Irish people is what makes the country.
    I’m not experiencing the economy in Ireland, but we have had some issues here in the US too. It is not what we are about, but rather how we will deal and overcome it that makes us proud too.

    To wrap up an already too long review of this CD;

    I think I’ll Go for a Ride, on Your Little Wings and Capture a Dream during the Race That Runs Me into being a Heart Man. That’s No Big Deal because You Survive the Riverdays by sitting Across the Breeze from Gaman as A Seed Was Sown with Dignity and Backbone, that is How I Am To Be.

    Thank you Luka!

    Brian Gleason
    Chelmsford, MA

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