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February 6th 2020 was the date of my last solo show . It was in a lovely festival in Geneva. Then the virus came. During 2020 I just surrendered to this new world, and let go of the need to be out there doing the gigs. Steve Cooney had just released his beautiful cd of old harp tunes. I picked up my guitar, and began to learn the beautiful Bridget Cruise from that record. After a few more tunes, I decided to try and interpret the stunning Aisling Gheal. I’ve been listening to Iarla O’Lionaird sing it for decades. Then I tried some classic tunes from Peadar O’Riada, Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill, and then Cathal Hayden. Basically I returned in my mind to the teenage boy in Kildare in the 1970s, sitting alone in a room, playing guitar every day, with no audience.…

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This is Jon O'Connell and a Bogman. Jon and I have been working away since early December, quietly recording my first instrumental album. The recording is finished. The music has been sent to Brian Masterson in Dublin.  Brian will do what Brian always does. He will mix and master the pieces and bring it all together into this glorious thing we love to call a RECORD.   I still believe in the RECORD. Thank God Brian and Jon believe in this record.   My last record, Bittersweet Crimson was released in mid-July.  It is beyond my wildest dreams that in February 2021 I will release a new record. Can't believe it.  It just crept up on me. This guitar that George Lowden made for me, inspired me. Steve Cooney, Peadar O'Riada, Martin Hayes, Denis Cahill, Cathal Hayden inspired me and I began to write some pieces…

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Greetings friends It is January, 2021, time for a  little reflection on 2020. It was a year of many things, especially change. So much change. When the virus ended the gigs in March 2020, I mourned for a while. Managed to find the energy to complete and release Bittersweet Crimson, which was a huge blessing. THANK YOU to everyone who bought it and helped me almost pay for its creation. I did two little gigs near home in The Aloe Tree in Ennistymon and then in my friend Hanne's lovely North Clare home. But I just could not embrace the livestream gigs that kicked off last year.  I miss you all too much. And want to feel the adrenaline, the singing, the flesh and blood of you all - and the livestreams just don't offer any of that, for me. Maybe this will change,…

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November 16th 2019 was SUCH a gorgeous night of songs, stories,  laughter and a few tears.  De Roma in Antwerp has become like a hometown show for me, certainly in Belgium. I love everything about the place. The history, the room, all are just perfect.  The volunteers who work there are the best people. And the people of Antwerp who come to the shows.  WOW! So, last November 2019, when I sang there, Johan (tour manager) and Bert (Sound) decided to record the gig -without telling me.  We had a special night.  In February 2020 we released the live record ‘Live at De Roma’. Then in February 2020, I went into Windmill Lane in Dublin with some dear friends and we recorded Bittersweet Crimson, my studio record for 2020.   I was so excited to tour and to sing all these old and new songs.…

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Finally the summer’s upon us…

‘Finally the summer’s upon us…..’ So begins the first song to be released from my forthcoming 22nd record Bittersweet Crimson. The song, The Beauty of Everyday Things, was written in 2019, during a glorious summer in North West Clare. I wanted to celebrate the simplicity of life moving outdoors. Coming together and having a laugh doing ordinary things. This feels even more perfect now, in 2020. Summer is here. Life is short. Lets get out there. And make the most of summer. On July 20th, Bittersweet Crimson will be available to buy ONLY from www.lukabloom.com - download or CD. Today, the first song "The Beauty of Everyday Things" is available to listen here: The Beauty of Everyday Things - from Bittersweet Crimson by Luka Bloom

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Greetings from my West of Ireland solitude…..I found a photo a while ago, and it made me smile and yes, there is a story…

So, the people in this photo are David Byrne, Vin Scelsa, Lou Reed, Roseanne Cash, and me.
It is from February 19th, 1993.
This story begins in a Flanders field, in July 1992. 


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Greetings from the Real Wild West of Ireland. Sunday March 22nd at 7pm Irish time, you can see Cuppa Tea TV Presents: Luka Bloom in Concert in The Aloe Tree, in Ennistymon, in Co Clare. It will be broadcast on Luka’s Facebook page and also on YouTube (Luka Bloom Live at the Aloe Tree). It was filmed this evening. We decided not to do it live, but pre-record it. The Aloe Tree is a wonderful Health Food Store in Ennistymon County Clare. After the store closed today Saturday 21st at 5pm, myself, Myriam Deliuium, Damian O'Rourke and Tessa O'Connor prepared for the concert. We observed all the social distancing protocols.  There was no audience, just two cameras and a microphone. I sing every day at home, but just to go out and sing some songs for anyone who cares to tune in, was such…